Who We Are

Glorivee (Gloria) Ulloa
President/Chief Administrator

Growing up, as a young lady, helping others was a very big factor in my life. I realized that there are many who need a positive avenue, career goal, or business to believe in. For myself, being a successful female entrepreneur was always important to me.

17 years ago, I met JT, who shared my visions in entrepreneurship and community outreach. JT was passionate about his barber career which was then carried through the family as our two sons also became licensed barbers.

I became much more involved in promoting their careers as I saw how barbering improved the life of my eldest son who was having trouble deciding on a vocation after high school. Both my sons found their passions and became well known barber stylists in South Florida. They now manage our family owned Barbershops, have a loyal clientele, make haircuts fun for children and families and give exceptional service.

Thus, began JT’s Cuts Academy, The Barber Academy run by a passionate family who work hard every day to bring quality and opportunity to the community, our daughter has also joined our family passion and upholds the academy with the highest integrity. My intention is ensuring the best academics and practical lessons of the Barber Program while guiding each student’s personal improvement. I believe this dedication is what allows JT’s Cuts Academy to stand out as one of the best barbering schools in South Florida.

JT’s Cuts Academy holds to family values. Very frequently, we go to community events and offer free haircuts to the underprivileged. We feed the homeless with our students, and do many more inspiring activities together.

As we keep up with regulations the governing bodies, we continue to work on our goals to increase our program options since the Barber Program is such a success. Other than the academy location, we have two other barbershops in South Florida and are continuing to grow our family business.

At JT’s Cuts Academy, dreams become a reality. You become a part of our family and realize you CAN reach your true potential.

Tranarous Johnson (JT)
Operations Director

From the age of 3 I’ve been in the barbering world, starting with the beauty school my grandmother attended. She would bring me to the institution so she can practice, she became one of the best at her time. She passed away when I was only 5. As a kid I really didn’t understand that I wasn’t gonna ever see her again. Remembering the few years I was blessed to have her barbering was the number one thing I remember.

I attempted to cut my own hair at the age of 10 messing up many times before I started mastering my own haircut. My friends would notice as I got better and would question if I really did it myself. Some of my friends even let me cut their hair. I started working at my first barbershop at 15 years old. It was a really big help in life for me. Barbering was Keeping me busy, and kept me out of trouble.

As the fascination grew I opened my first location at the age of 19. As one of the youngest barber shop owners around it was a tough task keeping things together. But with God by my side I continued to learn and grow with the new journey. As I stuck with the plan the barber shop started to grow. From new barbers to more happy customers. At the age of 24 I started my second location witch in time turned into the same progress as the first location. After seeing the growth with the first location the second location wasn’t tough to get it busy as the first shop.

I would teach barbers at both locations to become better barbers. Watching the growth in someone is a amazing feeling. That’s when the great idea of opening a school came to mind. It was a few years of planning with my partner Ms. Ulloa after doing the right studies we decided to go thru with the actions of opening. It has been a long hard journey getting to know everything about running a school, but we have and continue to keep pushing thru it. It’s a amazing feeling helping others start and finish new careers. We really have found our calling. Building students to leaders!

Michelle Russ
Director of Education/Lead Instructor

Hello, my name is Michelle. I have been in the cosmetology and barbering industry for about 12 years. I began my career as a cosmetologist in the Bay Area of California, after some time I was also intrigued in becoming a barber. I passionately love what I do. I was grateful to have the opportunity to become a cosmetology and barber instructor at the same school where I was taught. I eventually relocated to the South Florida region where I was approached to teach the barbering program at JT’s Cuts Academy, that had just been opened by Ms. Glorivee and Mr. JT.  Seeing how hard they work with the students and staff in ensuring real hands on preparations as well as it being a close family owned barber academy was definitely a plus for me.

I absolutely love the rewards of teaching what I know, one-on-one, to passionate students from all backgrounds and life stories. I too have a passion for all parts of the industry but, I would have to say that I have a true passion for mentoring and helping my students advance as they move through the program, the industry, and in life. Having that opportunity is what I love most about working at JT’s Cuts Academy. Everyday I’m excited to guide them as they grow into future barbers.

My purpose is for every student to launch themselves into a career with full confidence in their business as a barber.

Meet The Team

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Client & Student Feedback

This academy helps me daily to become a great barber! All of the staff truly cares for all students as well as the clientele that we receive. Very happy to have joined!!! I recommend it to everyone in South FLA.

Roberth Rivas

Went for a full head color, not only was it affordable for a full head of one color, the students were gentle, knowledgeable and willing to learn. I loved being a model for the evening, the teacher was so sweet and the owner was even circling around keeping an eye on the students all evening. The color came out evenly and rich.

Clair Santana

Love the hospitality and the vibe. JT’s did a great job with their students. Shout out to Richie, I’m getting loads of compliments. Definitely recommend it. Affordable and professional!

Moshe Richter

Thank you Reina for my kids hair cuts today. I loved their haircuts. I felt really welcomed and the environment is so much. And the staff very polite. I will recommend you to all. See u next time.

Karina Mora

As a new student at JT’s Cuts Academy I couldn’t be any more enthusiastic about joining such a great team of hard working individuals. Everybody’s friendly and always willing to go the extra mile just to make sure that “you” understand exactly what’s being taught. Nobody gets left behind and everybody’s sure to shine!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

Adam Bambino

While I was there I noticed the trainees and owner were very nice people and we’re practicing their skills on each other. I asked my barber if my wife would come would they do a good job? He said yes! Sure enough my wife went and her hair is amazing. A+

Jesus Hernandez

Came here and was so happy. My kids loved it. Felt like a family doing your hair. Will be back for sure with the other family.

Keri Lynch

Miss Gloria was very friendly. She brightens up the room everywhere she goes. Tony was a great listener and very patient when he cuts hair and JT was an outstanding mentor and coach to his team. Overall, my experience was incredible and would definitely recommend everyone to check out JT cuts Academy.

Alan Pecce

The best haircut I’ve ever gotten! Everyone was very friendly, I will definitely be returning.

Hannah Theisen

Just got my Brazilian blowout here and I have to say I WILL be coming back. Great service, BEST prices. Thanks Ms. Chris you were awesome.

Rosa Vicent

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